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PON Tester

In order to effectively manage the user resources of FTTH, we have developed new generation products FOH-8PRO and FOH-100 to help operators complete the user resource management.

Why Choose Grandway PON Tester

PON network refers to the passive optical network from OLT to ONT. The widely used FTTH is PON technology. PON network adopts backbone network sharing, branch optical fiber connects different users, and can connect 64 users at most. When PON network is installed, it is necessary to test the optical attenuation of each optical node to ensure that the optical signal power of the end user reaches the standard. PON network uses 1490nm and 1550nm mixed propagation in the downlink and 1310 burst mode in the uplink, while the new generation of 10G PON network uses the downlink 1577nm wavelength and the uplink 1270nm wavelength. Operators usually have to test the uplink and downlink power in the network to ensure the normal use of users.

These tests need to connect the PON network tester in series into the optical line, in order to accurately obtain the signal power of the PON network uplink and downlink.

With the development of PON network, the management of PON network has become one of the difficulties for operators.  The information of optical fiber users after splitter is disordered, which can not match with the system of the operator, the user leaves the network but the splitter port is not released, and there is no redundant splitter port in the new user installation. All these are becoming more and more serious. All these will be solved by FOH-100PRO PON tester, a new generation PON tester. The tester can not only read the information of ONU device, but also accurately release the optical fiber empty resource port. It is the best test tool for operator to manage PON network resource.

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