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Grandway provides a full range of ODN optical distribution network products(ODF, FOSC, ODC, FDB, FTB, ONU) and customized services. It has its own core R&D team and production factory, providing high-quality products, excellent service and satisfactor

ODN Optical Distribution Network

Optical Distribution Network Products Design and Production

ODN is the abbreviation of optical distribution network. In FTTx, it mainly refers to the section from OLT (optical line terminal) to ONT (optical network terminal). As an important part of FTTx system, ODN is the physical channel of optical transmission between OLT and ONT. It is usually composed of ODF rack, optical fiber cable, optical joint closure(FOC), optical distribution cabinet(ODC, FDH), optical connector, optical splitter, fiber distribution box(FDB), terminal box (FTB)and other supporting equipment.

The ODN telecom products of Grandway cover the whole products from the OLT to the ONT network. Thanks to our own R&D team and factory production line, according to the different needs of customers, design customized products for customers.

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