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Optical Distribution Frame

Grandway provide all series of optical distribution frame (ODF). Products are designed by our professional R&D team to meet the customized needs of customers.

What is ODF in Telecom, Optical Distribution Frame Definition

The definition of ODF: it is the abbreviation of optical fiber distribution frame, which is used to provide the framework of optical cable interconnection between communication facilities. It is an important part of building a safe and flexible optical network environment. The communication facility can integrate optical fiber fusion, optical fiber termination, optical fiber adapter and connector and optical cable connection into one unit. It is widely used in data center computer room and can be used as the protector of optical cable terminal and line transmission. It has the functions of fixing and protecting the optical cable, terminating the optical cable and adjusting the line, which is an indispensable part of the optical network.

Advantages of Grandway Optical Distribution Frame(ODF)

Grandway fiber optical distribution frame has the characteristics of high density and low maintenance. It is used for optical fiber connection of central office and integrated optical fiber network. It provides high-density optical fibers, connects OSP optical cables with optical transmission equipment, provides integrated optical fiber connection and termination, optical fiber guide, optical fiber connector fixation and protection, pigtail fiber storage management and system cross connection, equipped with integrated sub rack, which has high flexibility to meet the growth of optical fiber network in  future demand. Grandway ODF products are designed by our professional R&D team to meet the customized needs of customers. Our products are reliable in quality and cost-effective.

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