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FOH-100PRO new experience of ONU resource tester

Date: 07, August, 2020
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FOH-100PRO, a great new breakthroughs. FOH-100PRO with OTDR function will provide a great help to the PON network maintenance personnel to manage the fiber resource before and after splitter clearly and check the splitter empty resource.

FOH-100 ONU Resource Tester

What can FOH-100PRO bring to you?

FOH-100PRO with OTDR function can connect before and after the fiber splitter without entering the user’s home. 

1: Check the fiber resource of the splitter accurately. The maintenance personnel will clearly know the end user of each port after the splitter. So maintenance personnel can easily manage the splitter resources. 

2: Short distance OTDR function: it can help maintenance personnel to test the last kilometer of FTTX.

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