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Optical Network Unit

Grandway ONU has a wide range of products, providing the final optical and electrical conversion from optical fiber to home, with strong working performance and stability.

Advantages of Grandway Fiber Termination Box(FTB)

Grandway provide customized access FTTH fiber termination box(FTB) products and solution. The access fiber termination box(FTB) offers a compact fiber exit design at subsciber's final fiber termination point, with attractive fiber protection and fiber termination formats that can be connected to fiber network units.The compact design is both suitable for indoor or outdoor application. Supporting built-in fiber cable management. Grandway FTB products are designed by our professional R&D team to meet the customized needs of customers. Our products are reliable in quality and cost-effective.Grandway fiber termination box (FTB) is adopted, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

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