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Optical Network Unit

Grandway ONU has a wide range of products, providing the final optical and electrical conversion from optical fiber to home, with strong working performance and stability.

Advantages of Grandway Optical Distribution Cabinet(ODC)

As an ODC company, Grandway  provides fiber optical distribution cabinet(ODC, FDH) customized product design in the FTTx network. ODC is used as equipment for outdoor network backbone cable and wiring nodes to achiece outdoor fiber optic cable wiring. It provides a cost-effective passive connection with large capacity and realize the optical fiber splicing and scheduling functions. Grandway fiber distribution cabinet products are designed by our professional R&D team to meet the customized needs of customers. Our products are reliable in quality and cost-effective. If you adopt Grandway fiber optic distribution cabinet(ODC), it is convenient for you to install and maintain.

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