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Optical Network Unit

Grandway ONU has a wide range of products, providing the final optical and electrical conversion from optical fiber to home, with strong working performance and stability.

Advantages of Grandway Optical Network Unit(ONU)

Based on GPON technology, the gateway ONU device is designed for home users. The equipment provides one optical interface that follows itu-t984. X and ITU-T g.988 standards. Optical fiber access provides high-speed data channel to meet the needs of FTTH, and can provide sufficient bandwidth support for various emerging network services; it also provides two pots voice interfaces, three 10 / 100M adaptive and one 10 / 100M / 1000m adaptive Ethernet interface, supporting multi-user simultaneous use, 802.11b/g/n Wi Fi interface, with flexible application, supports plug and play, provides users with high-quality voice, data and high-definition video services, and provides ideal terminal solutions and future oriented business support capabilities for FTTH deployment.Grandway ONU has a wide range of products with strong working performance and stability.

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