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Classification and Application Scope of FTTH Fiber Termination Box

Date: 25, August, 2021
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If we want to use the broadband network, we need to enter the home from the broadband optical cable. This involves how to splice the outdoor optical fiber with the indoor pigtail. The FTTH optical fiber terminal box can help you realize this wish. The terminal box has an optical cable terminal box and an optical fiber terminal box. Among them, the fiber optic terminal box decomposes an optical cable into multiple single optical fibers, and can also be used for fusion splicing of optical fibers and optical fibers, and at the same time, realize the fusion splicing of one optical fiber and multiple indoor pigtail fibers.

1. The function and application scope of FTTH fiber termination box

The main function of the fiber termination box is to splice outdoor optical fibers and indoor pigtails. In layman's terms, it converts the outdoor optical fiber signals into the kind of signals that can be used indoors for Internet access or phone calls. Of course, the ftth termination box also plays the role of fixing the optical fiber or optical cable and protecting it. At the same time, this small box is also convenient for the management department to check and repair at any time. At present, optical fiber terminal boxes are widely used in wired communication network systems, broadband network systems, cable television systems, etc., and are also used for direct and tapping indoor optical fibers. The main functions of the optical fiber terminal box include fixing, fusion splicing, deployment, storage, etc.

2. The classification of FTTH fiber termination box

FTTH fiber termination box can be divided into different types according to different ways, such as straight-through type and branch type according to the optical cable connection method. Some can be equipped with an adapter, and some cannot be equipped with an adapter. According to the shell material, it can be divided into a metal shell optical fiber terminal box and a plastic shell optical fiber terminal box. According to the number of fusion spliced otb fibers, it can be divided into 2 in and 8 out, 4 in and 12 out, 4 in and 24 out, etc. According to the specifications, it can be divided into four specifications of 6-core, 8-core, 12-core, and 24-core fiber optic terminal boxes. There're also indoor fiber termination box, etc. Different types of fiber optic terminal boxes are used in different fields and different demand situations. You can choose according to your needs.

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