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Fiber Microscope

For a variety of connector types, FC/SC/ST/LC/E2000/MPO/MTP, no matter UPC or APC,Grandway fiber microscope can meet your test requirements.

Why Choose Grandway Fiber Microscope

Today, with optical fiber dominating the communication network, technicians need to reliably and quickly detect single core and multi-core connectors to avoid preventable network failures. Dirty and damaged connectors are one of the main causes of fiber network problems.Fiber microscope is an essential equipment for technicians to find these potential problems.

Grandway series different fiber microscope provide 400X fiber end face amplification. The dirt and damage of fiber end face can be seen clearly on the screen. According to IEC 61300-3-35 test standard, the condition of optical fiber end face is analyzed directly, Pass or Fail, which improves the inspection speed of technicians and provides the standard judgment basis.

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