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Ethernet Tester

Datacom tester including 2M Transmission Analyzer, TV Signal Tester, Cable & Antenna Analyzer, 1G(1000M) Ethernet Tester, 10G Ethernet Tester, etc.

Why Choose Grandway Datacom Network Transmission Tester

The datacom testing analysis instrument provided by Grandway meets the requirements of data transmission service, and is an essential tool for network engineers to install and maintain the network.

Like FXGT-200 10G Ethernet tester provides a complete test for next generation Ethernet solution. There are many different test modules, which can help to verify the performance of their Ethernet. FXGT-200 has two 10/100/1000Mb/s electrical interfaces, two 100/1000M SFP optical interfaces and two 10Gbps SFP+. It can generate and analyze the test traffic streams, and provide the result. FXGT-200 provides install, maintaininstallation, maintenance services, and activateactivates new profession serviceservices. FXGT-200 can provide a variety of test functions, which can help user to control and know the quality of Ethernet. We believe that the FXGT-200 will be the comprehensive and simple Ethernet and advanced IP connectivity test suites for the field technicians.

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