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FOH-8PRO ONU Terminal Tester

Date: 07, August, 2020
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With the explosive development of FTTH network, the following problems have brought great troubles to operators in maintaining their user resources.

1: Unable to get the accurate status of the user after the splitter. (Suppose that the user has already used another operator's service, but the user's fiber still occupies the splitter)

2: The last kilometer of PON network is difficult to maintain

FOH-8PRO ONU Terminal Tester

What can FOH-8PRO bring to you?

FOH-8PRO with OTDR function can connect after the second fiber splitter without entering the user’s home. 

1: Check the status of ONU to release the occupied splitter port. 

2: The high-precision OTDR function helps the maintenance personnel to locate the fault point (macro bend, connector, fiber break, etc.) of the last kilometer of optical fiber with high efficiency.

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