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    Shanghai Systence Electronics Co.,Ltd, was established in 2000. As a high-tech enterprise which specializes in production and R & D in non-standard equipment , as well as overall solution of automobile manufacturing automation equipment, we have turn-key capabilities : design, procurement, processing, outsourcing , assembly , commissioning, optimization, training, sales and other one-stop service, with the good performance of the equipment and fixtures rule of multinational corporations .    
    Our company has specialized production assembly workshop and independent office area. The main products of the company includes two parts, one part is to agent Germany PROMESS servo press, Germany Gechter hand press and aerostatic press , Germany Friedrich spin riveting machine.Another part is to provide automated assembly and testing and other automobile manufacturing with complete automation equipment.The product technology has reached domestic leading level and it is widely used in TRW, BOSCH, Delphi, GM, Volkswagen, UMC, Chery hippocampus and other enterprises. It also provides complete sets of equipment services for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which has achieved remarkable application results...



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